Marina Albu

17/03/2017 18:00 - 18/03/2017 13:00

Șelari 13, Bucharest, Romania

We are camping for one night at ODD!

Bring or don’t bring your own tent, neoprene, sleeping bag, blankets, supplies, water, candles, small portable stove, morning coffee, pjs or anything else you need for sleeping or the rituals that precede and follow it! If you have a tent, best to bring it in case we need it! We will meet Saturday at 18:00 at ODD and we can stay there till Sunday at 13:00, however anyone pleases: stay an hour, two, three, all the hours!

Between 22:00 and 9:00 we will pull the curtains, until then and after that we can have privacy as long as we ignore the potential spectators from beyond the big windows. In the evening and morning we will have talks, I will try some thai chi moves, whoever wants to join in should bring comfortable clothes, we will try to get to know each other, act like we are one big happy family, we will dine together, even organize small events like a picnic, a brunch, a candle light dinner, we can learn something from one another, come up with some more ideas.

Sleeping together, in the same room, not too far from each other can really transform relationships. Suddenly, there is closeness. When we sleep we truly are ourselves, with no masks or personalities. We are bodies and souls together. We dream next to each other. We are vulnerable but also relaxed. By bringing into space tents and other elements that can symbolically separate or bring us closer, there is the possibility for various degrees of intimacy. So each of us chooses how open they are with their personal space and can retreat if they feel the need. The exhibition space becomes a performative space, but also a familiar, vital, domestic space.


Marina Albu

My name is Marina Albu. I am 30 tired years old. I was born in Constanța, where I went to nursery, school, then high-school; then I went to Bucharest to college. It was weird for me in all of these institutions. At school and at high-school I could feel the teachers’ disbelief when they spoke to us and I felt pity for them. I would raise my hand out of pity. College was a bit better; there were less of us per tutor and we received some attention. It was then that I became more involved with art. Bucharest both scared me and changed me a bit. Not essentially though. I just acted differently than the way I acted back home, I dressed differently and spoke differently.