Sunday afternoon gatherings for idle Southerners. One guest brings in the flicks, another the bites. We provide the floor space and fuel the discussions.

Key interests: artists films, radical / experimental education, alternative communities, shaping of collective imaginaries, politics & aesthetics, the ‘social turn’, the ‘speculative turn’. Showcasing local directors alongside international stars, making all the right connections.

Between 2015-17, QUIET ODD was a partnership between ODD and the Czech Centre in Bucharest, with guests selected by Cristina Bogdan and František Zachoval. .

In 2017, it functioned as a collaboration with Neuer Berliner Kunstverein (n.b.k.), featuring a selection by curator Silke Wittig from the Video Forum collection.

In 2018, we focus on artist films from South-East Asia.



06/07/2018 18:30

kinema ikon room, Arad Art Museum / Arad, Romania

The second session of Video Battle at QUIET ODD continues with selections from Indonesia and Malaysia, this time presented at Kinema Ikon in Arad. The videos concentrate around the interactions between artists and the city in post-Reformation Indonesia, spanning over different years and genres.



11/02/2018 20:00

MNLR attic / Nicolae Crețulescu 8, Bucharest, Romania

The selection of videos for QUIET ODD include compilations by VIDEO BATTLE spanning from 2004 until today and explore artistic elements of video making while enhancing an accentuated sense of humor and parody. Besides these short films, Yogyakarta based curator Adelina Luft makes a selection of artist films from Indonesia.


In the Event of Amnesia

05/12/2017 20:00

Șelari 13, Bucharest, Romania

For the last QUIET ODD session in collaboration with n.b.k., Video Forum curator Silke Wittig selected four videos by Niklas Goldbach, Denis Beaubois, Mwangi Hutter and Yael Bartana, exposing different reflections on privacy in public space.


Holiday Story

28/05/2017 20:00

Șelari 13, Bucharest, Romania

This screening session is built around the themes in Feed your friends, the current project at ODD in which the four curators invited their friends to exhibit into a sort of extended living room, in the middle of a roaring city centre.


Calodemonic Madeleines

09/04/2017 20:00

Șelari 13, Bucharest, Romania

The second QUIET ODD session organized in collaboration with n.b.k. runs during bogdan lypkhan’s Calodemonic Explanations and questions lived memory, as well as the heritage of old regimes and traditions in the everyday of the contemporary youth. The films have an autobiographic character to their narrative, as well as a certain generational feel.



05/03/2017 19:00

Șelari 13, Bucharest, Romania

The first video that will be screened at QUIET ODD as part of The NBK Series is Alejandro Cesarco’s Musings (2013, 15:35), which was co-produced by the n.b.k. Video-Forum. Followed by a short video by kinema ikon coordinator reVoltaire. Part of P R I V A T E L Y.


Casting Men

11/12/2016 19:00

Czech Centre / Ion Ghica 11, Bucharest, Romania

This evening we look at projects that work with casting, rehearsals and improvisation as artistic strategies.


Summer in the City

15/05/2016 19:00

Șelari 13, Bucharest, Romania

We welcome the heat this year with 2 features from hot chaotic cities, Bucharest and Beirut.


A Clean Line

Jimmy Robert

14/04/2016 19:30

CNDB / Mărășești 80-82, Bucharest, Romania

As part of Like CNDB, ODD proposes a meeting with French artist Jimmy Robert, who will screen and discuss a 30-minute documentation of A clean line that starts from the shoulder, his latest solo show at M Museum, Leuven, followed by a Q & A session open to the public.


Beside the Bright Future

Vasile Ernu

21/02/2016 17:00

Czech Centre / Ion Ghica 11, Bucharest, Romania

In connection to Tatiana Fiodorova’s exhibition When a book becomes a message, part of the Future Museum program launched by the Czech Centre in Bucharest, ODD invites cultural critic Vasile Ernu to propose a screening revealing to the public, aspects of the Soviet underground in the 80s and 90s.