OUT NOW: The New Dictionary of Old Ideas

The publication stemming from the collaboration between MettFactory, HIT Gallery, Visual Culture Research Centre, FKSE Studio of Young Artists Association, Trafostacja Sztuki, tranzit.at and ODD is now available.

ODD part of The Collective Gaze: Samples of Something That Concerns Us All

Cristina Bogdan featured in an exhibition about the independent scene in Romania. Who are these people that make up this so-called independent sector, the independents, or rather, what are they? What kind of conditions made them, what kept them alive until now and when will they be sacrificed? What will they be sacrificed for?

ODD part of The Cultural Class in Iași

The Cultural Class is a transdisciplinary cultural project based on the idea that the analysis of the ideological and political positions of the various cultural “agents” can allow a deeper understanding of the role and function of culture and of contemporary art.

ODD at the Forum of New Pedagogies in Cluj

Cristina Bogdan invited by Minitremu to the New Pedagogies Forum, alongside Alexandre Gurita of the subversive Biennale de Paris and Adi Costache of Editura IDEA.

ODD in Indonesia

ODD is happy to announce its first curatorial program for 2018, Who Cares, an artistic and cultural exchange between two cities of the South-East, Bucharest and Yogyakarta, co-funded by AFCN.

Launch of Revista ARTA #24-25/2017

ODD is proud to host the launch of a new issue of Revista ARTA, its main publication, featuring a compelling collection of texts on the issue of hybridity, curated by the magazine’s online editor Cristina Bogdan.

Expanded Space

The sixth edition of Expanded Space, curated by Cristina Bogdan and Judit Balko, aims to explore the grey area. Through this theme we intended to question the methods of separating the public space from the private one, concerning both its physical dimension and the one pertaining to the public sphere; to explore the limits of gestures, actions and discourses in the public space; to inquire the process of establishing and legitimizing the frames of public interventions, as well as the extent to which these allow the participation of different groups and individuals. The theme intends to provoke a series of acute responses to the specificity of Romanian public space, which is now in a moment of tension and formation.

Education between Modernist Walls

Between 21.10 – 1.11, Cristina Bogdan proposes an intervention as part of Elena Cologni’s residency at Impington College related to the 75th anniversary of the only British building by Gropius.