Congres 2021

Cristina Bogdan, Vasile Leac

18/08/2016 19:00

Parcul Cireșari / Bucharest, Romania

A huge football field surrounded by steel fences. Blue tin tribunes, ragged by the years. Sunburn grass. This setting has been chosen by the intergalactic council as meeting point for the congress taking place in 2021 in Bucharest.

On the other side of the fence, some tin statues which sometimes act as swings – or which were used as such many years ago – are the only witnesses to the events.

The blazing heat favors paranormal activity. Gheorghe Iova, poet, theoretician, prepares the ground with prescience.

Divided into 2 groups, we will simulate a 3rd degree meeting, in the larger scheme of a film that could be a documentary.

Hosted by Cristina Bogdan & Vasile Leac.


Cristina Bogdan

Born and bred in Bucharest, educated in Paris, hardened in London. Cristina Bogdan is online editor of Revista ARTA and runs ODD since 2014. She lectured in Art Theory in London between 2012-2015 and is currently a PhD student in Aesthetics at the Sorbonne.

Vasile Leac

Artist and poet, lives and works between Arad and Bucharest. He has published poetry books, most of them in several revised editions, a few of them renegated; he is a founding member of the literary group Celebrul Animal and of the Ca și Cum magazine.In 2012, together with Bianca Baila, he set up in Timișoara the MOI/Museum of Interior Order. He tok part in the Awaiting Spaces 2013 platform with the project Sugar Factory Oven. Curator of the W.A.D. (The Dependent Artist’s Weekend) event in Arad in 2014. Director of The Village Drones l, 2014; The Village Drones ll, 2015; Descriptive Trajectories with Intruder, for Expanded Space, 2016.