Documents about domestication

Mara Genschel, Anca Bucur

28/10/2018 19:00

Tranzit / Gazelei 44, Bucharest, Romania

In the dim scenery of post-digital materialities, the difference between public and private starts to contort and dilute, making room for hybrid, contaminated, colonized forms to appear. Flows of indeterminacy navigate our composite reality. And it is precisely the uncanny medium of language which encapsulates and contracts these shifts and variations, epistemic conflations and onto-logical swaps. Language seeks to turn itself both visible and porous through the domestication of distinct realms of embodiment. From humanness to animalness, from animalness to parasiteness, biologies are all together morphing, in a resurgent attempt to overcome both flattening and hierarchization of agentivity. Furry parasites transit the space, endeavoring for an insidious infection that would domesticate beings into a common parasitic thinking.

After four weeks of researching and documenting the layers of domestication, Anca Bucur and Mara Genschel conjoin in writing and sharing the claustrophobic intimate space of a small poetical document-book. A book that shows both the presence and absence of texts, as well as the making of texts which in parts might disappear after October 28th. However, different actions starting from the book will unfold.


Mara Genschel

Mara Genschel studied music at the University of Music (HfM) Detmold and literature/writing at the German Institute for Literature (DLL) in Leipzig. She works on visual and aural aspects of poetry as well as on questions about the conditions of production. In 2012 she started her own edition concept by publishing small, handmade brochures, called Referenzfläche. In 2014 she stopped performing in public readings and since then has been working on new forms and problems of performing text. Further books include: Tonbrand Schlaf (2008), Vom Nachtalpenweg (with Valeri Scherstjanoi, 2009), Mara Genschel Material (ed. Bertram Reinecke, 2015), Cute Gedanken (2017) and Gablenberger Tagblatt (2018).

Anca Bucur

Anca Bucur is a Bucharest-based poet and performance artist, co-founder of frACTalia press, and editor at InterRe:ACT magazine. Being interested in the different metaphorical significations, as well as in the material-semiotic patterns that language acquires when transitioning from one discourse to another, she works both towards and against the bewitchment that language yields. She studied literary theory at the University of Bucharest from where she holds a MA, and currently she is a research assistant at Human Language Technologies Center. At present, she researches the concept of alien and its tentacular alliances.