An introduction to future diagrams (2010 - ongoing) and Low Animal Spirits (2014)

Ami Clarke

16/09/2018 18:00

Tranzit / Gazelei 44, Bucharest, Romania

The scripting of language and code conjoin with a suspect ‘liveness’ of performance in Ami Clarke’s assemblage of two works; Error-Correction: an introduction to future diagrams (2010 – ongoing) and Low Animal Spirits (2014). Error-Correction: an introduction to future diagrams is a script reflecting on the influence of calculus, in which each articulation is just one of many takes, constantly re-edited, that references and includes openly appropriated texts, contemporary commentary, news items, anecdotal evidence; culminating in an interrelated convergence of many interwoven threads, whereby the voice (through language) is constituted between someone else’s thoughts and the page. Serendipitously, the work conjoined with the work Low Animal Spirits (2014) a High Frequency Trading (HFT) algorithm dealing in world news, speculating on what is ‘about’ to trend, that speaks of the highly volatile production of language within the calculus of a meme economy. Drawing on a critical post-human perspective, any subject to speak of, emerges from this assemblage via an untrustworthy body with faulty equipment, produced in synthesis with its environment, that feels through prosthesis with a body that matters, without mattering.

Video by Petre Fall.


Ami Clarke

Ami Clarke is an artist, writer, and educator, working within the emergent behaviours that come of the complex protocols of platform capitalism, with a focus on the inter-dependencies between code and language in hyper-networked culture. Earlier works explored how these dynamics show that participation is bought through an unacknowledged currency of data, that facilitates a granular and psychological profiling of the quantified self, via social media, that can be seen to contribute to undermine the process of democracy itself. Recent and forthcoming writing includes: ‘covfefe: language within a meme economy’, “Text as Market” Artists Re-thinking the Blockchain, “The Currency of Data” Sonic Acts journal, ‘Ami Clarke: Author of the Blank Swan’ with Elie Ayache.  Her work is included in Information edited by Sarah Cook (2016) – an art-historical reassessment of information-based art and exhibition curation, from 1960s conceptualism to current digital and network-based practices – Whitechapel Documents in Contemporary Art and MIT press series.

She has recently exhibited/performed work at LUX in conjunction with Chelsea Space (2018), HereNow art + tech residency SPACE (2018), Xero Kline and Coma (2017), Gallery Filodrammatica, Rijeka (2017), Aksioma, Ljubljana (2017), Furtherfield gallery (2017), StudioRCA Riverlight (2016), Centrespace Dundee (2016), ICA (2016), Wysing Arts Centre (2016), Hayward Gallery (2015), Museo Del Chopo – Mexico City (2015), collaborated with Cuss Group SA – Ithuba Gallery (British Council connect_ZA) (2015), David Roberts Arts Foundation (2015), Camden Arts Centre (2015), The Container, Tokyo (2013).