Cosmina Moroșan

16/06/2016 19:00

Șelari 13, Bucharest, Romania

Between/beyond the interstices of psychic pain (working at paintings made from randomly founded thread; never accepting a new spool – as a way of protecting the feeling of constant freshness?), they were the (almost involuntary) instigators(patients) of the 50-70s; utterly suicidal, swimming in the negative’s illusion, but swimming/ surviving – on a crazy utilitarian love!

Their ESFORTZ-gadget – that urgency of perseverance. On a rough mental sound beat.

On ESFORTZ – as Conatus/ Vivencia/ Singularity, while letting the action to hallucinate the “me”.

Happy hallucinated by actions – of Oury, Tosquelles, Freinet, Pankow.

(A communist Dolto?)

Mannoni, Deligny delivering style in therapy.

Exaggerations and lucidity of Cooper and Basaglia…

The bipolars generating hip-hop.

(Great technology invented by autistics.)

Speedy Guattari

& schizos on volutes, dancing in the (for the) air.

From dereliction or unexpected – connected, through a mirror-monitor, to love.

From them – this kind of effort!


Cosmina Moroșan

Having an analytical look deeply infused by bibliographical and interpretative layers which come from the field of philology (graduate of Faculty of Letters, editor at Echinox until 2014, publishing articles – on her favs. – in various cultural magazines, reading poetry at festivals and gatherings like ‘Tabăra de creative writing, Râșca’ (2006), ‘Tabăra de creație de la Săvârșin’ (2011, 2012), ‘Maratonul de poezie feminină’, Brașov (2013), Festivalul Discuția Secretă (2014) etc. and working, at present, on her Ph.D. thesis entitled ‘Schizo-essay’), Cosmina Moroșan (aka Morfolina, NicolettadelaDorohoi etc.) veers her attempts to permeate and interrogate the ‘normopath’s’ (everyday) space to performances that mingle street dance, elements of dramatization, DJing and poetical jamming. Recapturing the ‘academic’ format on a more versatile rhetorical platform concomitantly implies, for her, the use of self-made outfits, playing with visual supports and technological prothesis. Also, she works on a poetry book (‘Beatitudine’), a rap album (‘Doktorate de la Morfolina’), an autobiographical writing experiment (‘Tears on tha dick’), envisaging a poetical campaign for some beloved figures of contemporary literature, art and philosophy (in a future study called ‘Să te simți deleuzian | Feeling Deleuzian’).