Domesticated spaces. Taming the public

Mara Genschel, Anca Bucur

01/10/2018 - 30/10/2018

Tranzit / Gazelei 44, Bucharest, Romania

In the dim scenery of post-digital age, the difference between public and private starts to contort and dilute, making room for hybrid and contaminated forms to appear. Flows of indeterminacy navigate our composite reality. And it is precisely the territory of language which encapsulates and contracts these shifts and variations, conflations and onto-logical swaps. Following these lines of transformations, the poet is a translator, enacting them in written words and performing them though embodiments of the text. Giving shape to the morphologies of the present, the domestic lab permeates the public sphere and vice-versa. It is, however, by repeating the same action each day during a period of a month, that Mara Genschel tries to subdue herself to and to outline the intersection and commonalities between the private and public scales, questioning notions like intimacy, identity, subjectivity, bio-technologies and future outcomes of our current simulations. Relaying on the concept of performative working/labor, she enacts during this 4-weeks FUR SESSIONS the repetition as a way to mark the event of difference and to amplify the sequence to sequence becomings of herself and her art. 

Moreover, the output of the written sediments will fuse into an experimental, fourhanded designed chapbook, co-authored with Anca Bucur. The chapbook will conflate poetical and theoretical pieces, aiming to zoom in the space of interference between the two and their idioms.


Mara Genschel

Mara Genschel studied music at the University of Music (HfM) Detmold and literature/writing at the German Institute for Literature (DLL) in Leipzig. She works on visual and aural aspects of poetry as well as on questions about the conditions of production. In 2012 she started her own edition concept by publishing small, handmade brochures, called Referenzfläche. In 2014 she stopped performing in public readings and since then has been working on new forms and problems of performing text. Further books include: Tonbrand Schlaf (2008), Vom Nachtalpenweg (with Valeri Scherstjanoi, 2009), Mara Genschel Material (ed. Bertram Reinecke, 2015), Cute Gedanken (2017) and Gablenberger Tagblatt (2018).

Anca Bucur

Anca Bucur is a Bucharest-based poet and performance artist, co-founder of frACTalia press, and editor at InterRe:ACT magazine. Being interested in the different metaphorical significations, as well as in the material-semiotic patterns that language acquires when transitioning from one discourse to another, she works both towards and against the bewitchment that language yields. She studied literary theory at the University of Bucharest from where she holds a MA, and currently she is a research assistant at Human Language Technologies Center. At present, she researches the concept of alien and its tentacular alliances.