Gerbang Bintang

V. Leac

07/04/2018 20:00

Lifepatch / Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Stargate is a modular and sensorial installation, an opportunity to communicate non-verbally & get close to one another.
The installation is made of bamboo and covered in magical symbols written or painted by local artists, who are invited to take part in he project.
It features a screen where live streaming from Bucharest and various movies are projected.

The gate opens on the night of Pulau Semesta, the Cozzzmo edition in Yogyakarta.

Photos by Cristina Bogdan & V. Leac.


V. Leac

V. Leac is an artist and poet who lives and works between Arad and Bucharest. He has published poetry books, most of them in several revised editions, a few of them renegade;  he is a founding member of the literary group Celebrul Animal and of the Ca și Cum magazine. In 2012, together with Bianca Baila, he set up in Timișoara the MOI/Museum of Interior Order. He took part in the Awaiting Spaces 2013 platform with the project Sugar Factory Oven. Curator of the W.A.D. (The Dependent Artist’s Weekend) event in Arad in 2014. Directed the films The Village Drones l, 2014; The Village Drones ll, 2015; Trasee descriptive cu intrus [Descriptive Trajectories with Intruder], for Expanded Space, 2016; Chat la Moinești [Chat at Moinești], 2017.
“I have always wanted to write poems for two or three slightly offbeat astronauts, barely having a pulse; drifting through space, without a certain destination. I want you to imagine the smile of that astronaut, sitting there, at a table by the porthole; sipping his drink – what might that be? After reading you feel like the poem rises on tiptoes; kisses your cheek; then runs away; it stops at a distance; turns around and laughs in your face, like a cunning child whom you feel knows the secret of happiness.”