Getting Closer

Marina Albu

15/03/2017 - 30/06/2017

Șelari 13, Bucharest, Romania

Marina Albu invites artists, people interested in art or passers-by to take part in actions that make them be close to one another, that offer them attention and openness and close interaction. Sleeping and eating together, exercising and trying with each other, the games and the eye gazing, the offered and given advice, all these introduce the public into a semi-intimate area, maybe closer to a family or village community feeling, which they can enjoy in the middle of the city, among strangers who may become closer one to the other through these small interventions.


Marina Albu

My name is Marina Albu. I am 30 tired years old. I was born in Constanța, where I went to nursery, school, then high-school; then I went to Bucharest to college. It was weird for me in all of these institutions. At school and at high-school I could feel the teachers’ disbelief when they spoke to us and I felt pity for them. I would raise my hand out of pity. College was a bit better; there were less of us per tutor and we received some attention. It was then that I became more involved with art. Bucharest both scared me and changed me a bit. Not essentially though. I just acted differently than the way I acted back home, I dressed differently and spoke differently.