How To Become A Lesbian

Poetry workshop

sabrina soyer

10/09/2016 18:00

Șelari 13, Bucharest, Romania

“I guess I wanted to write this introduction in English because it reminds me of a moment in my life where realising I was a deep dyke coincided with the fact that I became an English addict (…)

I recently discovered Inferno and it was heaven. I’ve never read Dante, but instead Inferno – I mean Inferno, A poet novel, the one that Eileen Myles wrote, is the book I read.

Eileen Myles wrote some parts of Inferno remembering that moment of her life when she became both a poet and a lesbian. The chapter entitled Drop is an exciting text she submited to the Ferdinand Fondation that asked for a career narrative in their grants application. She used this formality as a literary genre to create a text combining narration and poetry based on her own questions and feelings about what would be the career of the poet (a.k.a.The purgatory for E. Myles).

I assume that when she wrote this text she must have had in mind to use it later, to publish it, that she basically wrote it to both feed her desire to write and find a way to continue to write, to make a living as a poet. ” (Extract from the introduction of the first issue of How to become a lesbian by sabrina soyer)

How to become a Lesbian is a workshop sabrina soyer first initiated in Treignac Project, France, as a poetry class for the participants of Cheapest University. The workshop is based on a presentation followed by a discussion about Eillen Myles book’s Inferno. This workshop she will pursue in Bucharest is an attempt to bring together artists, poets and writers to contribute to the first issue of a magazine titled How to become a lesbian (coming soon!).


Open for all. Please email to register.