Introspective #3


19/01/2018 20:00

MNLR attic / Nicolae Crețulescu 8, Bucharest, Romania

Imagine you just got in one of Romania’s post industrial cities. It’s January around 6pm and the sun is already gone. Walking on the few streets that lurk around the city centre you can observe people going in and out of buildings with futile capitalist function, some noisy kids with their parents going home, an old couple sitting alone on a bench in front of a random institution, cars that seem to move in slow motion, a group of high school youngsters that just finished their classes and are laughing about something that is indistinguishable. As the hours pass and the night gets thicker you can see less and less people, walking with a mortuary pace to finish their daily errands. Around midnight the city landscape alters into a silence that is interrupted only by nocturnal animals and ambulances. Walking on the streets in the dense night you might catch a bizarre glimpse of the city‘s rooted soundscape mixed with the imagery of deteriorated communist blocks, patched-up houses and collapsing factories. As these external pulses of secluded urban life are running through your senses, estrangement might kick in. By the Corabia – Onești connection Stimmung.


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Artwork by Admina.



Leașcv and Minulescu of The Attic Magazine.