La Borde

Cosmina Moroșan

15/06/2016 19:00

Șelari 13, Bucharest, Romania

Screening of films about the clinic of La Borde, followed by a debate led by Cosmina Moroșan.

Ce gamin, là (Fernand Deligny, 1976)
Over 20, owning a diploma that would have made him a teacher of philosophy, Fernand Deligny seemed very preoccupied with the idea that he must become a writer. For this great figure of experimental pedagogy, the most permeable emotional territory was populated by the so-called delinquent children / adolescents- and, later, by the autistic – for whom he designed a space at Cevennes, without any a priori curing or saving principles, while helping them (“Les aider, pas les aimer”). Ce gamin, là is a confession in the form of a documentary – about Janmari, the psychotic boy who discovered water in that complex, rural dynamic.

La moindre des choses (Nicolas Philibert, 1996)
When God is in the details – a repeated statement of Marie Depussé in relation to an authentic institutional psychotherapy cure, every little thing could become the next prothesis for exceeding fears. This movie enters backstage of La Borde, with patients who are working (digging for a happier, still delirious desire?) at “Operette”, by Witold Gombrowicz.

La Borde ou le droit a la folie (Igor Barrère, 1977)
A documentary about the institutional psychotherapy concept – developed by Jean Oury, together with Tosquelles, Guattari and a whole bunch of nurses, probationers, volunteers that might have reinvented and gained their personal autonomy while helping “crazy” people at La Borde. Building the self asks for some day-to-day-creative-group-technologies and a constant resistance to segregation, a non-intrusive openness for every patient – that this clinique tried to offer.


Cosmina Moroșan

Having an analytical look deeply infused by bibliographical and interpretative layers which come from the field of philology (graduate of Faculty of Letters, editor at Echinox until 2014, publishing articles – on her favs. – in various cultural magazines, reading poetry at festivals and gatherings like ‘Tabăra de creative writing, Râșca’ (2006), ‘Tabăra de creație de la Săvârșin’ (2011, 2012), ‘Maratonul de poezie feminină’, Brașov (2013), Festivalul Discuția Secretă (2014) etc. and working, at present, on her Ph.D. thesis entitled ‘Schizo-essay’), Cosmina Moroșan (aka Morfolina, NicolettadelaDorohoi etc.) veers her attempts to permeate and interrogate the ‘normopath’s’ (everyday) space to performances that mingle street dance, elements of dramatization, DJing and poetical jamming. Recapturing the ‘academic’ format on a more versatile rhetorical platform concomitantly implies, for her, the use of self-made outfits, playing with visual supports and technological prothesis. Also, she works on a poetry book (‘Beatitudine’), a rap album (‘Doktorate de la Morfolina’), an autobiographical writing experiment (‘Tears on tha dick’), envisaging a poetical campaign for some beloved figures of contemporary literature, art and philosophy (in a future study called ‘Să te simți deleuzian | Feeling Deleuzian’).