No Basement Is Deep Enough

03/05/2016 20:00

Șelari 13, Bucharest, Romania

An Austrio-Belgian-Serbian psychedelic caravan is coming to town!

Prepare to have some colourful visions courtesy of the power trio of Bart de Paepe (Sloow Tapes new age guru), Uli Rois (the Austrian banjo wizard of Bird People fame) and Ignace de Bruyn (who runs the most out-there looking tape label), joined by two other friends for a pure magic percussion performance.

We will be showing some of Bart’s original drawings that ended up to be cassette covers for his Sloow Tapes label (most covers are made by him).

And a display of some crazy DIY cassettes that look like legit art objects by the No Basement Is Deep Enough label.

The exhibit will be followed by a full-force concert at Club Control on Wednesday night.

“You could easily mistake No Basement is Deep Enough’s tape goof for a zany Zappa-esque prank. But peel away the layers; brush the fringe to one side, open that single plush tit and you are rewarded with some amazing music. Almost like a wonky Finders Keepers NBIDE have unveiled some new ghouls and re-released some remarkable old gizzards (Alvaro – The Chilean with the Singing Nose, Ludo Mich and Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson) in frankly outrageous packaging. Old or new, experimental classicists or gutter-dwelling hobo these gonks are pure trippin’ for ears.” – Radio Free Midwich


No Basement Is Deep Enough

No Basement Is Deep Enough is a Belgo-Serbian nightmare for your cassette and record shelves, gassed-up by Milja Radovanovic (anti-design) and Ignace De bruyn (curating with a small c). Although the label is opposed to any form of CATEGORIZATION, the output mainly focuses on the ‘weirdo’, the ‘outsider’, the ‘misfit’, since these are the semantic prisoners of the false prophets of the cultural hegemony. Besides releasing more notorious skronk maestro’s like e.g. Euronoise/performance art pioneers Club Moral and the Chilean nose flute swindler Alvaro, the basement boogeymen also try to keep a keen eye on the deepest sonic puddles all around the dusty globe and try to co-map the raunchiest rhizomes of the thriving ex-Jugo musick scene, which resulted in tapes and boxes feat. work of e.g. Dve Bajage, Fast Deadboy and Magma Trakt. The often grotesque hand-made packaging tries to semi-automatically associate to and illustrate the accompanying audioblubber, resulting in opaque objects created out of old pieces of cloth, polyester, garden center materials, scrape metal, rotten wood, and what else is available upper and downer. More pondering upon why DIY doesn’t spell DIE can be found in between the shaky-drawn chalk lines of this interview.