Régis Lemberthe

06/09/2016 19:00

Manasia Hub / Stelea Spătarul 13, Bucharest, Romania

Who told you mixing water and electronics was a bad idea?

In a visually unsettling performance, Berlin­ based sound artist Régis Lemberthe builds up hybrid installations through which water, ice and steam generate sounds quickly amplified and distorted into synthetic drone tunes, endlessly oscillating between subtle ambiences and dense walls of noise.

The project has led to collaborations with German scientist Analytical Engine [ > Glass Engine] and Italian noise legend DFVOKKLL [ > Glass Lärm].

Regis also runs Noiseberg in Berlin, a series of Sunday afternoon experimental music sessions and is preparing DAT, their first festival this year.

Recordings were released on both Noiseberg and Metzger Therapie.


Régis Lemberthe

I am Régis – future scout, material hustler, image wrestler, noise pimp and deskmeister.

Or, translated into more colloquial terms, I:
– explore futures to inform present designs, and teach my methods through academic curricula;
– present materials in progressively evolving and vanishing shapes;
– arrange images and text into posters, books, videos and websites;
– organise experimental music concerts, and strive to better my own sonic endeavours;
– manage an artist atelier in the beautiful neighbourhood of Kreuzberg, Berlin.