id m theft able

19/09/2016 19:00

Șelari 13, Bucharest, Romania

id m theft able (born 2016 in cluj) is a queen, sting, and santana whose interdisciplinary and highly personal work seeks to explore the intersections between cats and vacuum cleaners and potatoes and stars while demonstrating a deep sense of guilt, an almost desperate yearning for love, a rich understanding of metaphysics, and a complete disregard for holes.

He has collaborated extensively with the legendary likes of plato, derrida, dj sprinkles, robert ashley, john cage.

He has received glowing reviews from the wire, the quietus, electronic beats.

He has performed extensively and/or shown work in cafe oto, ohm, intermedia foundation, centre pompidou.

id m’s impossibly long list of achievements include winning an oscar, webby, fullbright, rbma.

love is all.

id m currently resides in a tower in panama with his pet tiger named uhwruigwgborebg.