White Death, Autem

05/09/2018 19:30

Tranzit / Gazelei 44, Bucharest, Romania

The first ODD NIGHT of the Fall brings together White Death, the austere sonic environments of Kelly Jayne Jones and Hannah Ellul, with ODD darlings Autem, the music/poetry project of Cosmina Moroșan and Anticorp Solar.

For their performance at ODD, Jones and Ellul will present new work developed from a residency earlier this year at the WORM/Klangendum sound studio and synthesiser archive in Rotterdam. In these more recent explorations the evanescent atmospherics of recent recordings are offset by more fractured and fractious (ar)rhythmic elements.

Autem’s perfomance will display an encounter between ODD time (pun intended), irrational beats & blasts laced with quirky noises and poetical scintillations. The duo comes after a period of working and jamming at a remote cabin in the woods of Bukovina.

An informal artist talk will take place at 19:30, followed by the two performances.

Listen to the full recording:


White Death

White Death is a collaboration between Kelly Jayne Jones and Hannah Ellul. Together they produce austere sonic environments through tactile material explorations and electronic processing. Synth and processed flute, field recordings, and other found sounds and electronics coalesce into hazy disorientations of the boundaries between bodies and environments.

Hannah Ellul is a Glasgow-based artist and musician working primarily in text, performance and sound. She often works collaboratively, and much of her work starts from an interest in radical political imagination and the affective dimension of collective experience. With Ben Knight she is part of the collaborative project Psykick Dancehall, exploring sound across media: the politics of listening, recording technologies and the voice. Since 2010 they have produced DANCEHALL, a publication about sound and its others. She makes music with Human Heads and White Death. Projects have included residencies at Titanik, Turku, FI (forthcoming), the Banff Centre, Alberta, CA; Colour Out of Space Festival, Brighton, UK; Lothringer_13 Laden, Munich, DE, and CCA Glasgow, UK; and performances and exhibitions at Transmission Gallery, Glasgow; Lydgalleriet, Bergen, NO; Oslo 10, Basel, CH; and Castlefield Gallery, Manchester, UK. She teaches in the Visual Cultures department at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Kelly Jayne Jones explores the idea of consciousness and mental well being using rocks and minerals as collaborators. She creates an immersive sonic experience, in part meditative and in another part inviting invocation. She performs with amplified slate and various rocks, minerals and crystals. She comes from an electroacoustic music tradition, using sonic transformation techniques to create a dialogue with the future, with reference to the possibility of multiple dimensions of reality and quantum fiction. She is investigating how can we commune with ancient rocks containing the elements, from which our own bodies are formed, to tap into alternate ways of knowing, seeing, hearing and being. She has collaborations with Sam Weaver, Andie Brown and Hannah Ellul (White Death). KJJ has had residencies at Arnolfini in Bristol UK and Kunstalle Bergen, Norway. Commissioned works for Haris Epaminonda at dOCUMENTA13, Tate Modern, ICA London, Schirn Frankfurt, Point Centre Nicosia. She has worked on various projects, solo and part wild horses mane on both sides, at CCA Glasgow, Treize Gallery Paris, Borealis Festival & Kunsthalle Bergen Norway, Tectonics contemporary music festival Reykjavik, Hangar Bicocca gallery, Milan and for Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival.


Autem are an electronic music/poetry duo from Bucharest, Romania consisting of Anticorp Solar and Cosmina Moroșan. The sound rooted in a variety of genres including IDM, trip-hop, noise and grindcore features polyrhythmic grooves, blastbeats and hardcore techno pulsations. Passages of vivid, contemporary poetry overlapping with odd time grooves alternate with high tempo grind blasts or the occasional distorted kick gabber rush.

Cosmina Moroșan, poet, performer, interrogates normopath (quotidian) space through performances intersecting theory, music and poetry. In 2016, she begins to collaborate with ODD as part of the project KNOTS, coordinated by Cristina Bogdan and Vlad Morariu, performing ESFORTZ, a lecture around 60s and 70s anti-psychiatry’s most disturbing and creative figures. In 2017, she publishes Beatitudine (eseu politic), at Nemira, winning Best Young Poet Award. In 2018, she performs Joy of Immanence at Salonul de Proiecte (Bucharest), within Durational Life Theory, a two-weeks program coordinated by Adriana Gheorghe, bringing together artists active in performance with different background (choreography, visual art, theory, literature). She works on a music album, under the moniker Morfolina, and on a writing experiment, envisaging some poetical campaigns for several beloved figures of contemporary literature, art and philosophy called Să te simți deleuzian | Feeling Deleuzian. Since February 2018, she collaborates with Anticorp Solar in Autem (a music/poetry duo), among other projects.

Anticorp Solar is a visual artist, beatmaker and drummer from Bucharest. His practice focuses on a ludic, spiritually and emotionally driven approach to “the space” in which objects (including the ones represented in various mediums and systems of information) act as living characters. The transposed narrative is used as a means of reflection on various systems of belief and living concepts such as transcendence, autonomy, determinism and the relation between reality and fiction. In 2016 he founded the artist collective Banki-Sklianki in Moscow, Russian Federation. In 2017 he presented his visual works at the exhibition Inhabitants at Make a Point gallery in Bucharest, and as part of the project Liminal. The Good Life Issue. As a beatmaker/soundartist he is focused on bringing together experimental/extreme music and conceptual sound, working with a variety of samples to create quirky, odd-time polyrhytmic beats layered with noises that shift into high-tempo blasting sections, taking cue from genres such as idm, trip-hop, mathcore and grindcore. He coined the term “toygrind” to describe the sound featured on his first and second up and coming EP’s which convey the atmosphere of indoor and outdoor playgrounds from the point of view of toys and knickknacks and a diminutive but fierce manner.