4142, Bogdan Orbita, Dar Adal, Gems

13/04/2019 20:00

Mântuleasa 4, Bucharest, Romania

For the 27th ODD NIGHT, we invite you deep into the rainforest, in the middle of the concrete city, for a night of unearthly celebrations with a festive dash of a b-day party.

Come in peace, yet plan to unleash all party creatures out there (literally, so animal print dress code is highly recommended).

Entrance is free, but we strongly recommend the donation of a plant in a pot. You are free to bring your own drinks to the party.



Written in stars or maybe just due to the spring air, the music perceiving area in 4142’s brain will summon Zulus. This flamboyant persona is strongly connected to primitive and visceral emotions, translated into techno and house sounds, dance twitches and melodious-metallic screeches.

Bogdan Orbita

Bogdan Orbita is a connoisseur and a cute digger with a strong inclination towards melodic sounds, eerie atmosphere and sensitive dance music.

Dar Adal

Dar Adal is a sweetheart of the queer clubbing scene of Bucharest and has a mysterious capacity of making us sweat and shake like there’s no tomorrow.


Gems is a multilateral experienced dance generator. Storming through disco, techno, with a profound understanding of what really moves people.