Ioana Gheorghiu, Alex Bălă

04/07/2019 20:00

Mântuleasa 4, Bucharest, Romania

Below the epithelial waters, pressure is escalating until the lowest floors of the deep sea. Light is scarce, if any. The activities aim to improve orientation in an atmosphere of thick air.

Ioana Gheorghiu and Alex Bălă: new sonic entity (protocols in progress) feeding analogue endeavors with electronic strata. They aggregate solutions slowly, colliding field recordings and dilated instruments.

Live set starts at 9pm and lasts about 45 min. We continue with music and drinks on the terrace. Feel free to bring your liquid of choice.


Ioana Gheorghiu

Ioana Gheorghiu is an artist moving along the time-based modalities of performance employing conceptual tropes of visual art to operate in the interstices between language, sound and body. In working with sound, she composes sequences with an affinity for radio drama and sound poetry.

Alex Bălă

Alex Bălă composes and produces music and experimental sonic spaces for theatre and film and in his own solo and group projects (#FLUID, Plurabelle).