Kyohei Abe, fouronefourtwo

17/04/2015 22:00

Dr. Felix 72A, Bucharest, Romania

For the 4th odd night we invite you deep into the rainforest, in the middle of the concrete city, for a night of unearthly celebrations with a festive dash of a b-day party.
4142 and Kyohei come in peace, yet plan to unleash all party creatures out there (literally, so animal print dress code is highly recommended).


Kyohei Abe

Coming from Japan, he’s a self taught creator of unconventional postmodern distractions. His adventures in Bucharest’s jungle led him towards making music, so Kyohei started experimenting a few years back as part of the “BTS” project. Only a few had the chance to admire them for the (sometimes) funny-flinching artistic autonomy they exerted during their live acts. With little regard for the mass appeal, they managed to cross thresholds of genres creating sound pieces that comprise a fresh look over European music trends.


4142 is well known for his preference for dark clothes and tehno, but on the night of 17th of April a peculiar thing is about to happen. Written in stars or maybe just due to the spring air, the music perceiving area in 4142’s brain will give birth to Zulus. This flamboyant persona is strongly connected to primitive and visceral emotions, translated into techno and house sounds, dance twitches and melodious-metallic screeches.