Discombobulatrix, Amber Amber

15/04/2016 20:00

Șelari 13, Bucharest, Romania

As we start a new trip straight in the historical town of Bucharest, we invite you all to cin-cin for hope and perseveration. Under this pretext, we want to thank all our friends for their generous moral and financial support during our nomad times, so join us for a sangria made with love and some luscious sounds.
During her MFA at Beaux Arts de Paris, the sound artist and researcher Andra Chițimuș has been developing a series of sound installations and performances, experimenting with space, language, perception and multi-channel broadcasting. “For the longest time I lived in this bizarre dichotomy between the experimental and club world. I love going to noise shows, but I also crave Loft-inspired parties. Most people who hear me play live find my disco DJ sets mind-boggling; so when Cristina and Cristiana invited me to open the new ODD NIGHT series, I was happy to be able to show these two sides together. I feel that deep down, my love for drones and deep house share a common ground – the magic and healing powers of low frequencies. I may still be a hippie at heart, after all.”



Live improvisational sets, working with field recordings, Super Collider generated synths and various objects to create textural drones. She performed in venues across Europe including Instants Chavires in Paris, OCCII in Amsterdam and Madame Claude in Berlin.

Amber Amber

DJ alter-ego, sharing her love for soulful sounds, shifting seamlessly between boogie, disco and garage house. She has a weekly podcast on Pigalle Paris Radio, a montly night at Bloemenbar in Amsterdam and (if you’re lucky) you can catch her at Control Club every now and then.