ODD THEORY #16 (Session 2)

2. My Autobiography Is Not My Subjectivation (And the Other Way Around)

Ovid Pop

11/05/2019 14:00 - 11/05/2019 16:00

Mântuleasa 4, Bucharest, Romania

Whether we like it or not, we live in spaces driven by power.

How do we chose to work with such spaces, or to contest, to confront, to hijack, to use them? How much is it in fact not in my power, but it precedes the moment I make my choice and overdetermines it? This session proposes to discuss the subjection mechanisms that are specific to our spheres of activity. The goal? To see how we can democratise these spaces by working intersectionally. We kick off from a text by Judith Butler – and from similar ideas. The link to autobiography is indirect. Autobiography understood as political fiction of the subject. We will read some fragments of emancipatory biographies. For example: Alexandra Kollontai. Whence we will draw some conclusions about the subject that constitutes itself by speaking/writing of itself.


Ovid Pop

Ovid Pop lives and works in Vienna and Bucharest. He is a transnational writer and theorist. He is the co-founder (together with Radostina Patulova) of the kollektiv sprachwechsel: Literatur in the Zweitsprache, a literary group of writers based in Vienna who publish literature in German as a second language. Ovid Pop is the author of a concept literary book The Estate of the Living (Romanian, English, German, Tranzit.ro/Iași, 2018), the novel Trickster (Romanian, Polirom, 2009); he co-wrote the novel Rubik (Romanian, Polriom 2008). He has published several short stories and poetry in German, among others (Edition Exil, Vienna, 2015), Politisch Schreiben (Dresden, 2018), Triëdere (upcoming). His texts are translated into BCS, French, English, German, Hungarian. He gives lectures on literary topics, art theory and decolonial thinking. He organises public readings and debates on writing in secondary languages in Vienna. His articles are published in magazines in Romania, Austria, Hungary and Germany.