Open Repository

Underbelly Soundartmedia

20/07/2019 14:00 - 21/07/2019 21:00

Mântuleasa 4, Bucharest, Romania

Underbelly, based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, is basically a curated collection disguised as a shop. It doesn’t have a regular outlet except the webshop but it materializes in different ways depending on the occasion.

Curator Mariëtte Groot focuses on avant-garde old and new, in sound, film and other media. Critical as she is towards vague, pretentious or fashionable claims from the art world, she highlights the subversive, original, DIY and outsider approaches in music, visual culture, experimental publishing and media art. For ODD THEORY #21  she will bring a selection from all this that will serve as an open repository, ready to be hacked by the audience! Underbelly invites you to transform it by transactions. To invade it with new items or chunks of information of your own choice that you think should be there, and to grab things from it that you think should be with you. There is one condition: we have to have a conversation about it. No matter how rational or irrational it may be.

The Underbelly open repository will be open all weekend from 11 am.

Photos by Florian Cramer.