Peripheral Feminisms

Giulia Damiani

16/09/2015 16:00 - 17/09/2015 20:00

CNDB / Mărășești 80-82, Bucharest, Romania

We will discuss if and how feminist practices from the past resonate with the present societal conditions and intellectual positions. Le Nemesiache’s peculiar artistic production will engender conversations on media such as poetry, cinema and performance; their separatist manifestos will interrogate us on the potential of marginality that wants to be such. What happens when amateur art away from the centres of power becomes the centre of critical analysis?


Between the first and second night I will ask you to write your personal manifesto through your identified periphery. You will be taking on the traits and features of the marginal reality you think you belong to and play them out during the session. Essentially, victimise yourself. In your manifesto you should single out what you believe are the artistic or intellectual criteria that can express your position of minority at best; this can be executed either by reinterpreting previous manifestos or by formulating your own. You may want to play with different media, but should keep your voice and some main text in. Some examples of manifestos are provided below.

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Giulia Damiani

Giulia Damiani is a writer, translator and curator based in London, and a tutor and PhD researcher in Art and Writing at Goldsmiths University (AHRC scholarship).

She collaborates with performers to create diffractive and collective work out of archival and feminist histories. In her unique exchange with the group Le Nemesiache she starts from their idiosyncratic investment in the body, mythology and their geopolitical location. She combines these with the desire for fabulation and prophecy from the mythological places of the present. For example, she imagines archival traces of lava and the volcano Vesuvius through new materialist and feminist lens. These speak of an archive of extinction while opening to other systems of thought. In her performances traces become theatrical scenes, invoking the problematic re-location of the trace in other places, in the present for a future response.

Her collaborations with galleries and various institutions across the world have been funded by public bodies such as the European Cultural Foundation and the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities. Her writing has been published widely in art and cultural magazines such as EROS press as well as catalogues and independent publications. She has given talks at a wide range of institutions, including ICI (Berlin), University of Santa Caterina (Brazil), The White Building and The Showroom (London), The Studio (Jordan), ODD (Bucharest), Philosophy Institute (Naples), Goldsmiths University, Royal College of Art and the University of Minho (Portugal).

Since 2016 she has been Tutor in Art Theory and Curating in the Master of Fine Arts and Master of Art Curating at Goldsmiths University. She is editor and curator of the art platform Elizabeth Xi Bauer.