Mårten Spångberg, Alina Popa

21/05/2017 17:00

Șelari 13, Bucharest, Romania

With the early onset of a postspectacle mood in Bucharest in the years when the National Dance Center was still in the building of the National Theater, dance and performance have been locally pushed out of their medium limitation. There is something of this attitude visible now, when dance and performance are carrying the theater’s black box feeling into the visual arts. What are the postdance contemporary practices and how are they distributed between the white cube and the black box, or even outside of these spaces? Where is the dance in a dance piece where no one is dancing? What are the aesthetic, conceptual and political stakes of a dance that seeks to affirm itself only as dance? How to enter the museum within the terms of a practice based on its impending disappearance and on a strong collaborative tradition? Mårten Spångberg, Swedish artist and choreographer and co-editor of the POSTDANCE book, will be talking about this and more. Alina Popa, one of the contributors to the book, coming from visual arts, will ask the difficult questions. Instead of only some of us saying what POSTDANCE is, you are all invited to fill the container.


Curated by Second Artworld, an entity founded by Florin Flueras & Alina Popa.


Listen to the recording of the talk (first few minutes missing):


Mårten Spångberg

Mårten Spångberg is a Swedish performance related artist. His interests concern choreography in an expanded field, something that he has approached through experimental practices and creative processes in multiplicity of formats and expressions. He has developed a unique practice that over the last years has gained international reputation, starting with the production of “La Substance, but in English”, commissioned by MoMA PS1 and continuing with the more recent “The Internet”, “The Planet”, “Natten”, “Dawn”, “Renaissance”. With the architect Tor Lindstrand he initiated International Festival, an interdisciplinary practice merging architecture and choreography/performance, thus understanding choreography as a means of organizing time and space. He has initiated a number of publishing projects based on different modes of self-organisation, like “Swedish Dance History”, “The Coming Boogie Woogie”, and published his own books, “Spangbergianism” and “Natten”.

Alina Popa

Alina Popa is a visual artist and writer who has migrated to an experimental niche of contemporary dance and came back changed. She interrupts parties to give lectures, camouflages performances in workshops, chants geometry as mystical meditation, writes SF as a documentary gesture, and will, at least once, intervene in a public discussion to talk about jaguars. She created The Bureau of Melodramatic Research with Irina Gheorghe, and Unsorcery, Black Hyperbox and Second Artworld with Florin Flueras, with whom she explores the idea of an artwork that becomes an artworld. She has co-edited the latest “Bezna” issues and, more recently, the “Black Hyperbox” book.