Ivana Mladenovic, Xandra Popescu

21/06/2015 18:00

Dr. Felix 72A, Bucharest, Romania

Our second afternoon of screenings follows the lead of #1: filmmaker Ivana Mladenovic will adapt for the screen Adrian Schiop’s latest novel, whilst guest moderator and flavors curator Xandra Popescu currently shares wall space with artist Simion Cernica at MNAC for the exhibition Never Alone.

So join us for the opportunity to watch 3 of Ivana’s films, In the VillageIf 6 Was 9 and Turn Off the Lights and engage into a debate about her work, fuelled by Xandra. ODD provides the summer bites.


Ivana Mladenovic

Ivana Mladenovic was born in Serbia. She studied Film Directing in Bucharest. Her first feature documentary, Turn Off the Lights, premiered in Tribeca Film Festival in 2012 and won Heart of Sarajevo Award for Best Documentary. In 2013 she received a scriptwriting residency in the frame of Nipkow Programme, where she wrote her first fiction film, based on a novel written by Adrian Schiop. The Soldiers will be filmed in 2016.

Xandra Popescu

Xandra Popescu studied Dramatic Writing at the National Film and Theater University and has a background in Political Science. She works as a writer, artist and curator. From 2012 she powers Atelier 35, an artist-run space dedicated to collaborative and experimental practices. She lives and works in Berlin and Bucharest. In March 2015, she was a resident at ODD with the project You Are Safe With Me.