Sonja Hornung

28/06/2015 18:30

Dr. Felix 72A, Bucharest, Romania

This week’s QUIET ODD begins with a work by ODD artist-in-resident Sonja Hornung, and then screens three videos she has selected as points of departure from her own work. The evening will conclude with a discussion.

Each video work rehearses a process of disintegration. Sonja Hornung’s Pulver documents an act of erasure. All the options are removed, but at the point where nothing is possible anymore, anything could happen.

Bauangriff (Construction Assault) (2014), by German artist and filmmaker Laura Engelhardt, focusses on the movements of construction materials and pixels on the outskirts of Beijing.

In Archaeology of Absence (2014), a performance and video by artists Gabriella Hirst (Australia) and Kristino Rav (Estonia), a body resists its mold, leaving behind only dust.

Finally, we will watch Samuel Beckett’s television plays Quad I + II (1981), in which four dancers carry out a choreographed sequence until all possibilities are exhausted.

Placed within certain limits, bodies disintegrate. But there is a tipping point where limits are tested and resisted by the body or by dust itself.

Selection by Sonja Hornung, moderation by Cristina Bogdan. Local summer bites available upon donation.


Sonja Hornung

Sonja Hornung (* 1987) is a Melbourne-born artist currently living and working in Berlin.