The Fairy at the Gym

Cosmina Moroșan, Anticorp Solar

04/04/2019 21:00

MeetFactory / Prague, Czech Republic

Morfolina is a project that mediates the dialogue between ethical expressivity and electro-experimental transmissions, within the  performative act titled The Fairy at the Gym. By channeling philosophy, recycling, in an invisible way, any form of pragmatic spirituality or insidiously juxtaposing poetry on dubious trap interludes, the show aims to trigger an intense and interrogative flow of exaltation. The performance will include a visual named Workout that features Remy, the happy, pink hula hoop and a guest spot by Anticorp Solar.

Part of the Soirée hosted by MeetFactory.



Cosmina Moroșan

Cosmina Moroșan, poet, performer. She worked on topics such as 60s and 70s anti-psychiatry movements or the contamination between contemporary theoretical discourses and other directions of verbalising the world (as those of the saints). She envisages some workshops in psychiatric institutions around the idea of “thinking as an art”. Currently, she is interested in performative immersions around concepts as technological object, language and/or mysticism – and beyond. Since February 2018, she collaborates with Anticorp Solar in Autem (a music/poetry duo), among other projects.

Anticorp Solar

Anticorp Solar is a visual artist, noise/beatmaker from Bucharest. His visual practice focuses on a ludic, spiritually and emotionally driven approach to “the space” in which objects, words and phenomena act as living characters. The transposed narratives are used as means of reflection on systems of belief and concepts such as transcendence, autonomy, determinism and the relation between reality and fiction. As a beatmaker/soundartist he is focused on bringing together extreme music and conceptual sound, working with a variety of samples to create quirky, odd-time polyrhythmic beats layered with noises. Currently he is also interested in performance & lecture hybrids, involving visual and sound art interventions, covering object affinity and language themes.