The Staring Game

Marina Albu

23/06/2017 20:00

Șelari 13, Bucharest, Romania

We invite you. To take part. We meet for two hours of closure. Of closure and game, of intimacy and total silence. In this sepulchral stillness, we gaze one to another, eye in eye, in couples. As one blinks, one is out of the game. From the outgoers on the side new players duets arise. At the end of the sound composure we can confess to one another the states and feelings we have been through all along, or not. We can keep it a secret.


Marina Albu

My name is Marina Albu. I am 30 tired years old. I was born in Constanța, where I went to nursery, school, then high-school; then I went to Bucharest to college. It was weird for me in all of these institutions. At school and at high-school I could feel the teachers’ disbelief when they spoke to us and I felt pity for them. I would raise my hand out of pity. College was a bit better; there were less of us per tutor and we received some attention. It was then that I became more involved with art. Bucharest both scared me and changed me a bit. Not essentially though. I just acted differently than the way I acted back home, I dressed differently and spoke differently.