To be emptied out to glorious non-returns

PRIVATELY vol. 3.2.

Georgiana Cojocaru

“Every form of life lives in its own in-here, an interior that strives to be un-representable. When moving out in the unbound exterior, it turns its interiority into flamelicks of affect, trying to reach out, to incorporate the information found in the other. Looking at worms, algae, cliffs and shores, the zine tries to explore whether such dynamiting of a thing’s protective membrane could imagine a coming together that knows no bound.”

The complement to The Unstable Condition of Zhong Zhong and Hua Hua, this small publication is part of the annual program at ODD called PRIVATELY, curated by Cristina Bogdan.

The zine is written by Georgiana Cojocaru, designed by Mihai Șovială and published by frACTalia.


Georgiana Cojocaru

Georgiana Cojocaru is an art writer and occasional curator based in Bucharest. She studied The Contemporary postgraduate programme at the University of Kent and completed it with a thesis on the instances of generic blackness in contemporary art. Her articles appeared in Revista ARTA, The Good Life, Burlington Magazine and The Glory Hole.