atlantis 6

Ariel Cusnir
22.10 – 20.11.2015

My work involves different formats such as watercolor, painting, writing and video, the axis from which begins to develop is the watercolor, and since 2012 have been working on what I consider my best illustrated, large index of topics on the relationship between civilization and water on the one hand, and the importance of the alphanumeric system in the development of our culture, on the other.

The format is that of an Atlas that presents a huge index of topics, and I am developing and forcing a chronological, scientific and humanistic narrative onto it. Together these recount the subjects that interest me in particular, and propose a decidedly subjective viewpoint, which is nevertheless solidly built and deployed on the map of common knowledge. It starts from the events that shaped the geological characteristics of our planet and extends to the contemporary period.

I like the format of the atlas because it plans to cover the overwhelming, it is intended for educational and communicative failure, despite being illegible; it combines text with an almost raw image, which has some stylistic purity; and although it is intended for technical application, it contains an enormous artistic potential.

The project uses as working material the development of the Internet, and some input from specialists in various fields including genetics, geology, history, archaeology, literature, ceramics, linguistic, and others. I conceive as the central task for the development of my work for this residency, a complete index of topics and a global model of content using these search tools as well visiting specific places such as those connected to the Thracian civilsation and development in the region.


This project is made possible thanks to a wonderful collaboration. The residency is supported by ODD and the Artists’ Union. The work space is offered byČ™ti, which also hosts the final exhibition.