Agents of Speculation

16.6.2015   15.00-19:00


“Unleashed femininity!” (Cătălin Măruță, March 2008)

We extend an invitation to investigate a legendary episode in the history of the APACA textile factory.

Together we will look through our archive of media remnants and try to make sense of them. As agents of speculation, our mission will be to create a narrative that we will re-enact together as an intervention in public space near the factory site.

How do rumours and fictions shape histories, identities, and built structures? What happens when you layer or collide a legend of the past with the local present? In what ways might a fiction loop into the present? How will the public react? Every fiction creates a new situation: a situation in which it becomes concrete.

Our day will start with a briefing session at ODD and then continue on to the site of APACA. The process will be documented. You can follow initial developments here.

To register, please send an email with your contact details to info@oddweb.org before Sunday, the 14th of June.

With Larisa Crunţeanu and Sonja Hornung.