29.4. 2015

19.00   Opening
20.00   Solo Solutions, performance by Adva Zakai

A series of short solo performances, which invites the viewer to look at the human body through non-human perspectives. It sets up a play between text and movement through which unpredictable logics pop up:  My body is a dance company and an exhibition space. My leg is a political party and my arm a half of a heart. I am love itself, a table is the public, the public looks at a movement that claims to be a letter, my mind is inside someone else’s head and my body has left my movements to dance alone on stage.

Solo Solutions is not about transforming one apparatus into another, but rather looking for what they have in common. Perhaps, at least for the lifetime of a solo piece, a body can forget what it was that distinguished it from all which is around.

Solo Solutions, just like other visitors of the exhibition at ODD, will start developing a relationship with the works exhibited in the space. In the 2nd phase of this exhibition in Vienna in December 2015, Solo Solutions will transform into new forms, inspired by new narratives hatched during the new encounters in Bucharest.


30.4.2015   16.00 – 22.00   Everything falls faster than an anvil, program of animation films by Diego Marcon

Everything falls faster than an anvil is a 4 hours screening of cartoons and animated films, from early animations to US studio classics, passing by avant-garde European and Asian animation.

The screening is conceived for a wide public – it starts in the afternoon with films for children, and ends in the evening with a selection for a grown-up public.


20.5.2015   18.00   Discussion with curator Barbara Sirieix

Barbara will uncover her working method for this original project, as well as discuss her work as an international freelance curator.


20.5. 2015   18.00   A Cat at the window, performance by Julie Béna

A Cat at the window is a performance conceived and realized during a week of residency at ODD Bucharest, for Prologue to a fiction of a space that does not yet exist.

” I think I don’t like cat,

cats are

cats are

cats are

In fact I never had any cat at my place. The first cat I met was sleeping all the time, so I decided I won’t love cat, because what I hated the more when I was a child was to sleep.

When I asked Barbara what will be her story about, the two first things which emerged, were a cat and a window. Cat as a character, window as a space. The story is set up. So now, let’s just have a drink.”