Adrian Schiop hosts a creative writing workshop, free of charge in the limit of the available space, consisting of a few different approaches. The workshops are at the crossroad between fiction and narrative journalism, between storytelling and journal, closely following recent trends in quasi-documentary style literature (non-fiction, autofiction and so on). By the end of the course, participants must be able to hand in a creative piece on a marginal character or on an encounter with a representative of marginalised social groups.

At the end of the workshop, the best text that fits with the specific of Casa Jurnalistului, our media partner for this project, is published on their website in the Guests section.

A selection of the rest of the texts is published here.



Wednesday  18.2.2015  7-9pm

The first session dealt with the topic of manele, as an opportunity to elaborate on the life philosophy of various marginals, thugs and troublemakers, corner-street boys and so on.


Tuesday  3.3.2015  7-9pm

The second meeting will host Ştefan Mako from Casa Jurnalistului, the author of a beautiful text about a lesbian hustler from Gara de Nord – Am fost smardoaica.


Wednesday  11.3.2015  7-9pm

The third session will be a discussion about the first episode of the HBO Romanian series Umbre – where it fails and why it fails. What should more plausible dialogue and characters look like?


Thursday  19.3.2015  7-9pm

The fourth meeting will have as a guest the Ferentari barman on whom one of the characters in the Soldații novel is based upon – he will recount stories from Adrian’s time in Ferentari and will compare the fictional text to the reality in order to establish where it tells the truth and where it departs from it.


Friday  27.3.2015  7-9pm

The fifth and last meeting will consist on feedback to written assignments, the literary texts participants are expected to create by the end of the course.


Photos from the workshops by Tiberiu-Mihail Cimpoeriu.