If 2015 was a first year of experiment, working with foreign guests and establishing connections to the local scene, in 2016 the focus shifts towards encouraging Romanian artists to work through their practice and propose interventions in the new space, a typical gallery one, in which the function and workings of art are questioned.

The calendar features month-long solo shows by local artist with the occasional foreign residency. A new development is multi-faceted projects in which art becomes a component alongside theory, history, politics and education. We encourage more organic approaches to the art project and continue the attempts at forming a community of artists and public, in which one has as much power and interest as the other.

A first attempt is made at organizing projects outside the gallery space involving a less typical art public and new media such as documentary film, interviews, public performances and screenings.

Overall, 2016 is yet another testing ground towards a more coherent approach to the curatorial, which should become the main development in 2017.