Atena an3

Adelina Ivan is a visual artist who works with light and memory through textiles, photography, installation and video. In her work she explores the overlap of time, space and memory, their winding and intimate interactions. Just like the fabrics used in her works, time space and memory fold and unfold into sleek silky surfaces and solid depths. Scanning between fictional stories, personal memories and historical fact, Adelina Ivan weaves disparate narratives into a complex relationship. She has recently shifted her focus from fashion design to visual arts centering on textile installations. Her practice examines the reflection of light on different textures, structures and geometries. The very nature of fabric enables a process of building from flat to three-dimensional object surfaces, through deconstruction, recycling and decomposition and returning to its early stage, the textile fiber. Many of her compositions explore the workings of regressions from fabric to fiber and their analogous space/time expansions and contractions. Adelina holds a BA in Art&Design from the National University of Arts Bucharest.

Georgiana Cojocaru (b. 1991) attended a B.A. and an M.A. program at the Philology Department of “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University Iași and three semesters of academic exchange at “Friedrich Schiller” Universität Jena. She dedicated her undergraduate thesis to the study of emerging artistic and literary practices of the 21st century and finished her graduate studies with a dissertation on botanical and posthumanist reveries in H.D Thoreau’s late works.
Currently she is working on projects that match her research pursuits in ergodic literature, media archeology, (post)digital art, critical theory, affect aesthetics, postphenomenology and philosophy of science.
She wants to write a study on Erkki Kurunniemi. For starters.