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Hot Streets

Cristina Bogdan + Mihnea Mihalache-Fiastru

25.7 – 30.9.2016


The project is based on the complementary approaches of curator Cristina Bogdan, who since 2014 leads ODD, and Mihnea Mihalache-Fiastru, author of the web series of docu-fiction and urban storytelling Şuşanele. Together, we want to lay the foundations of artistic and educational initiatives outside the limited space of the gallery through which to test live, in urban residential areas, ideas and formats that we have experimented with in our artistic approach.

Through this project, we intend to go to the public in a more organized manner, targeting specifically the residential neighborhoods Domenii and Văcăreşti-Berceni. We intend to coagulate a working group in each of these neighborhoods through artistic interventions, a series of screenings that should work as inspiration for a collective film, and discussions around these projections and the entire production process. Our goal is for young people to become producers in the process of making a docu-fiction experimental film that tells, from their own perspective, the story of a city during one long, hot summer.


Hot Streets is a joint venture between ODD and Șușanele.

It is a winning project in the program Acceleratorul de Idei, developed by CENTRUL DE PROIECTE CULTURALE AL MUNICIPIULUI BUCURESTI – ArCuB as part of București 2021.

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