Hot Streets

Launch of the film




“Hot Streets” is the project of a trip in time, both personal and objective, through the streets of Bucharest in the summer, a filmed piece which includes performance, interviews, monologues, storytelling and actions of the city’s various characters.

”Hot Streets” was conceived as a hommage to Bucharest, undescribable and unqualifiable, a trip into the subjective and torrid atmosphere of summer days in our city. The shooting lasted for 2 1/2 months, and the team inlcudes Cristina Bogdan, Mihnea Mihalache-Fiastru, Petre Fall (image and editing), Horia Baldea (sound), Andra Chițimuș (music), Cosmina Moroșan (social media & PR), local and foreign artists, friends, neighbourhood anthropologists, politicians and others.