Education as Struggle, Struggle as Education

A talk by Jakob Jakobsen

Image source: Jakob Jakobsen’s Antihistory | Antiuniversity research project




Jakob Jakobsen will talk about self-organised education in the past and in the present, focusing on the London Anti-University (1968) & the Copenhagen Free University (2001-2007). He is also interested in learning about self organised educational initiatives, past and present, which have developed in Romania.

The Antiuniversity of London was a shortlived and intense experiment into self organised education and communal living that took off at 49 Rivington Street in Shoreditch in February 1968. The Antiuniversity was at its core an experimental process that brought together different fields of theory and practice as part of the desire to open up an unstable space between revolutionary politics, experimental art and radical psychiatry.

The Copenhagen Free University (2001-2007) was an artist run institution dedicated to the production of critical consciousness and poetic language. It did not accept the so-called ‘new knowledge economy’ as the framing understanding of knowledge. It worked with forms of knowledge that are fleeting, fluid, schizophrenic, uncompromising, subjective, uneconomic, a-capitalist, produced in the kitchen, produced when asleep or arisen on a social excursion – collectively.