deligny mapKNOTS #6

ESFORTZ, conference-performance

Cosmina Moroșan






Between/beyond the interstices of psychic pain (working at paintings made from randomly founded thread; never accepting a new spool – as a way of protecting the feeling of constant freshness?), they were the (almost involuntary) instigators(patients) of the ’50—’70s; utterly suicidal, swimming in the negative’s illusion, but swimming/ surviving – on a crazy utilitarian love!

Their ESFORTZ-gadget – that urgency of perseverance. On a rough mental sound beat.

On ESFORTZ – as Conatus/ Vivencia/ Singularity, while letting the action to hallucinate the “me”.

Happy hallucinated by actions – of Oury, Tosquelles, Freinet, Pankow.

(A communist Dolto?)

Mannoni, Deligny delivering style in therapy.

Exaggerations and lucidity of Cooper and Basaglia…

The bipolars generating hip-hop.

(Great technology invented by autistics.)

Speedy Guattari

& schizos on volutes, dancing in the (for the) air.

From dereliction or unexpected – connected, through a mirror-monitor, to love. From them – this kind of effort!