Mélanie Borès (Clinamen) (born in the USA in 1987) studied medieval and comparative literature in Geneva. She then graduated from the Critical Curatorial Cybermedia Research Master program at HEAD, Geneva. From 2012 to 2014, she worked for PIMPA (Politiques et Initiatives Mémorielles et Pratiques Artistiques) with Pierre Hazan, funded by FNS. She integrated the Atelier Interdisciplinaire de Recherche working on memorials and politics of memory in Geneva. Co-founder of Clinamen publishing house, she is also actively committed to the engraving workshops and residency GE Grave.

Roxane Bovet (GUM!, Clinamen) is curator, writer, publisher and researcher, she is from Fribourg, Lausanne, Geneva. She creates spaces for dialogue – dialogical spaces. Whether physical, virtual, literary, geographical, textual or imaginary spaces, she attempts to bring together things, objects, people and concepts, to mix natures in order to discover the surplus and carry on a reflection on the world that surrounds us. Thinking practice by deliberately refusing reductionist categorization. She is developing this curatorial practice in the wide sense as an artistic practice. Creating off-stage spaces, whatever the platform, by the integration of multiple academic disciplines, dispositives and processes. She is co-founder of the publishing house Clinamen (2013). She runs the independent art space Zabriskie Point with Yoan Mudry and Laure Marville since 2012. She also curated several independent propositions among others HTWW (Geneva 2017) htww.space

Lucas Cantori (GUM!, Clinamen) is artist and publisher. He graduated from Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam and obtained a Master in Critical Curatorial Cybermedia Studies at HEAD, Geneva. Co-founder of the publishing house Clinamen, he promotes writings in relation to art philosophy and philosophy of sciences. In 2015, he co-founded the independent art space one gee in fog with Claire and Ceel Mogami de Haas.

Yoan Mudry (GUM!) (b.1990 in Lausanne, CH) lives and works in Geneva, He was studying at HEAD in Geneva where he graduated with a MFA in 2014. His work focuses on the flux of images and narrations that are surrounding our world. He had several solo presentations including “Dirty Like a smiling fish” at Nicolas Krupp Gallery, Basel, in 2014, “Soap Opera” at Kadel Wilborn Gallery, Düsseldorf, 2015 and “Loops”, at le Palais de l’Athenée in 2017. He participated in several group shows including “Condo” (2017) at Union Pacific in London, “Bourses de la ville de Genève” (2016) at the Contemporary art Center of Geneva, “Europe/Europe” (2015) at Astrup Fearnley Museum in Oslo,  “Everything falls faster than an anvil” (2014) at Pace Gallery in London.

Camilla Paolino (GUM!) lives and works in Geneva, where she is currently in residency at the independent art space TOPIC (http://topic.to/), together with you know who. Additionally, she works as assistant at the CCC Research-based Master Program in critical, curatorial and cybermedia studies at HEAD (https://head.hesge.ch/ccc/turbulence/), where she graduated in June 2016 with a two-year practice-based research on group micropolitics and on the meaning and limits of collectivity in the age of its mainstreamization. Her curatorial and research practice has led her to take part to a number of projects, including the Jakarta Biennale; Bucharest Disaster Detour; Athens Biennale; Sou-Sou, among others.