Launch of FloppyPoppyWidy MATTER by éditions Clinamen
+ day party by PRDZ SNDSSTM
+ food by Chloé Bovet


17:00 – 23:00

FloppyPoppyWidy MATTER is a conceptual, pluridisciplinary and evolving publishing project. Outside of predefined fields, a singular reflection is created in the junctions. FloppyPoppyWidy MATTER attempts to follow these lines of thought. Through an interrogation of imminence and the multitude, combination or chance, the project provokes encounters, allowing for new conceptual links. The connections of ideas are not controlled, different each time, subjected to the singular imagination of the reader. A sort of revisited Zettelkasten that places the reader inside the writing process.

It is also the creation of a panorama. Mixing authors, artists, philosophers, researchers and scientists—in a given format—to take stock of thought here and now. Attempting to show a reality, to make a collection of ideas that reveal the world. Over time, the contributions grow and the project grows. No subject, style or genre is imposed; the choice of these questions by the author is also revealing of our interests.

FloppyPoppyWidy MATTER is published by éditions Clinamen. For Bucharest, the contributors are: Cristina Bogdan, Ion Dumitrescu, Cristina David, Cosmina Morfolina, Kayije Kagame, Philippe Sergeant, Mélanie Borès.

The soundtrack to the event is produced by PRDZ SNDSSTM, an outlandish man-machine DJ collective interested in mixing borderline music genres, working as a rhythmical outfit of the social & cross-cultural action group PARADAIZ.

Food is cooked by Chloé Bovet.