The Interstitial Space

Nita Mocanu & Marius Stoica

Opening   1.7.2017   19:00
Exhibition   3. 7. – 15.9. 2017

The work tries to represent space taking into account the proximity of things, the way in which the subject is lost in the network/assemblage of objects and it is transformed in turn, together with the network/assemblage it is contained in. Hence, the notion of privacy itself takes a new meaning: putting aside the privacy defined in legal terms (normative privacy), we discover the experiential, interstitial privacy, privacy defined starting rather from the well-being created by the relation with the ally-objects in our proximity – privacy as an ecology of our well being.

The Interstitial Space is part of a larger project hosted by, an online platform with works that are their own theoretical and practical framework. In this sense, The Interstitial Space is a continuation of the work Network Expression that outlines the theoretical and technical  premises of the project the non-correlationist landscape of absolute contingency described by Quentin Meillassoux in After Finitude and the creation of a language/system for knowledge representation oriented towards the object, for a automatised capturing of the ancestral expression of things offered by this landscape.