Nita Mocanu (born 1977) is a visual artist whose works are a combination of video art, video performance, text, photography. Her works are constructed around the way in which people take action in various situations (from small gestures to large-scale actions to doing nothing), being influenced by language, the perception of the self and the way people represent to themselves the world in general, but also other factors that exceed human control/understanding.

Marius Stoica (born 1980) is aphilosophy graduate and his projects are situated between contemporary philosophy, contemporary art and information technology. In 2016 he started the project, which aims to express through a variety of artistic approaches (installation, video performance, netart) a set of philosophical ideas circumscribed to speculative realism and orbiting around the concept of etho-tecture (the invisible ways of communication, beaten and well-worn within the networks / assemblages of things, beings and entities).