P R I V A T E  L Y   II


After inviting artists, curators and other thinkers to investigate the notion of privacy as part of our 2017 program, a shared interest in means & methods of coming together emerged. From various angles, our guests questioned contemporary possibilities of sharing space, ideas and emotions at a scale which bypasses hierarchy and alienation. It seems as though young people around ODD are curious about what can be done when everyone is just a whisper away.

In 2018, four young women curators perform their interests together with an artist of their choice. Adriana Blidaru invites Shaun Motsi, Georgiana Cojocaru works with Open School East member Lou Lou Sainsbury, Cristina Vasilescu brings the house down together with Nora Silva, and Anca Bucur collaborates with like-minded Mara Genschel.

In addition, ODD begins a collaboration with several collectives in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Initiated by Cristina Bogdan and Adelina Luft, Who Cares? is a first attempt to question uncommon constellations, unmediated territories, and common oddities of the Global South.


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