Cristina Vasilescu is a curator based between London and Bucharest. She is part of London-based collective clearview, Event and Programme Assistant at ICA, London and the curator of forthcoming project with artist-in-residence Nora Silva –I Never Went – The death of anonymity. A carnival turned a mourning– at ODD, Bucharest among other things. Through curated projects and collaborations, alongside creative exercises, questions around public programming, collective work, invisible bodies and ‘instituent practices’ are proposed and dismantled.

Nora Silva is a Spanish artist based in London. She graduated from the Royal College of Art in July 2017, and recent solo shows include Hear Me Whisk at Lajuan gallery in Madrid, and Your Friendly Local, at Chalton Gallery in London. Nora manufactures contexts and builds sculptural installations as a fiction from where to address political issues. She also co-directs The Gramounce, an exhibition supper club, and MilesKm, an arts collective for the research of collaborative practices within the arts.

Nilz Källgren is an artist and curator based between London and Stockholm. Through curated projects and collaborations, alongside video, sculpture and writing, questions of tangibility and momentum, action and interaction are proposed and deconstructed. Objects and formats are directed to act as something other, to fully understand their inherent being and potential. Co-founder of clearview (London), former co-director of Galleri Bon (Stockholm), co-founder and curator of Revenue S:t Eriksgatan 79 (Stockholm), curator at Carl Kostyal Stockholm and editor of the art section of Bon Magazine.