The Nü Sensitivity Anthology

Shaun Motsi & Adriana Blidaru

16.5. – 12.6.2018


Shaun Motsi’s interest in how narratives are constructed, appropriated, undermined and propagated, runs interchangeably, both through his artistic praxis and through his writing. After concluding his one month residency at ODD, in Bucharest, Motsi will present his ongoing research, condensed in a new artist publication that looks at his body of work Nü Sensitivity.

The publication The Nü Sensitivity Anthology, will contain excerpts of both fictional and theoretical texts that inspired some of the ideas behind Motsi’s works. This will include sketches, documentation, as well as fragments of videos and images found online, together with other related materials from the artist’s studio. The Nü Sensitivity project traces connections between narrativity, subjectivity, identity, and the world. More specifically, the project looks at how language and storytelling can designate a subject, how this in turn constitutes identity, how different identities produce different worlds, and, ultimately, how those worlds (or ideologies) relate to each other through conflict and resolution (hegemonic struggle, appropriation, undermining, persuasion, consensus, etc.).

On Saturday, June 9, 2018, join us for a conversation between artist Shaun Motsi and curator Adriana Blidaru, to tackle how these terms interact, and to mark the launch of The Nü Sensitivity Anthology.


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