Expanded Space

The sixth edition of Expanded Space, curated by Cristina Bogdan and Judit Balko, aims to explore the grey area. Through this theme we intended to question the methods of separating the public space from the private one, concerning both its physical dimension and the one pertaining to the public sphere; to explore the limits of gestures, actions and discourses in the public space; to inquire the process of establishing and legitimizing the frames of public interventions, as well as the extent to which these allow the participation of different groups and individuals. The theme intends to provoke a series of acute responses to the specificity of Romanian public space, which is now in a moment of tension and formation.

This year’s project proposes two directions of investigation structured as direct interventions in the public space and video works. In the framework of the Expanded Space 2016, alongside a series of temporary interventions in Bucharest public space produced or performed by artists Dan Acostioaei, Mihai Balko, Radu Boeru, Elana Katz, Monotremu, Miklos Onucsan, five video works commissioned to artists Florin Bobu, Simion Cernica, Grupul H.arta, Hans van Houwelingen, Vasile Leac will be presented. Each of these approaches is drawn from the proposed topic, but put forward and develop different perspectives regarding the reality of Romanian public space.