12 – 30. 10. 2016



12.10.2016   19:00   ODD

Films by Florin Bobu, Simion Cernica, Grupul H.arta, Hans van Houwelingen, Vasile Leac

Interventions in the public space by Dan Acostioaei, Mihai Balko, Radu Boeru, Elana Katz, Monotremu, Miklos Onucsan.


The sixth edition of the Expanded Space project aims to explore the grey area theme.Through this theme we intended to question the methods of separating the public space from the private one, concerning both its physical dimension and the one pertaining to the public sphere; to explore the limits of gestures, actions and discourses in the public space; to inquire the process of establishing and legitimizing the frames of public interventions, as well as the extent to which these allow the participation of different groups and individuals. The theme intends to provoke a series of acute responses to the specificity of Romanian public space, which is now in a moment of tension and formation.

This year’s project proposes two directions of investigation structured as direct interventions in the public space and video works. In the framework of the Expanded Space 2016, alongside a series of temporary interventions in Bucharest public space produced or performed by artists Dan Acostioaei, Mihai Balko, Radu Boeru, Elana Katz, Monotremu, Miklos Onucsan, five video works commissioned to artists Florin Bobu, Simion Cernica, Grupul H.arta, Hans van Houwelingen, Vasile Leac will be presented. Each of these approaches are drawn from the proposed topic, but put forward and develop different perspectives regarding the reality of Romanian public space.



12.10   19:00   ODD

The official opening of the Expanded Space project 2016.

Screenings by Florin Bobu and H.arta Group followed by discussions with the artists.


14.10   19:00   ODD

Screenings by Simion CernicaVasile Leac and Hans van Houwelingen, followed by discussions with artists Hans van Houwelingen and Dan Acostioaei
All the films will be screened at ODD on 17 & 18 October between 12-19, every 2 hours starting with 12pm.


15.10   15:00 – 17:00  Parcul Izvor

Performance Dan Acostioaei, Segmente de dreapta


22.10   12:00 -18:00   Piața Unirii, Bd. Unirii nr. 14

Performance Elana Katz, They Said It Was a Dry Warm Night


24.10   15:00 – 17:00   Piața Universității, near the statues

Performance Dan Acostioaei, Segmente de dreapta


12.10 – 15.11.2016

Public space installations:

Mihai Balko, Tezaurul României, BNR Lipscani

Radu Boeru, Parcă peste tot, Calea Victoriei – Palatul Regal, Biserica Kretulescu, Capșa, Bd. Regina Elisabeta intersecție cu Calea Victoriei, Pasajul Latin.

Monotremu, Nu te ține nimeni aici, MNAC – Palatul Parlamentului, Anexa, Str. Șelari 13, Str. Biserica Amzei nr.7-9, CAP – Bd. Dacia nr.57

Miklos Onucsan, Atenție cad frunze!, Parcul Izvor, Bd. Regina Elisabeta


Organiser: Volum Art Association

Team: Judit Balko, project manager; Mihai Balko, coordinator; Cristina Bogdan, curator

Project financed by Centrul de Proiecte Culturale al Municipiului Bucureşti ARCUB, through the project București Oraşul In-vizibil and by Administrația Fondului Cultural Național

Partners: Studio BASAR, MNAC, ODD, Radio Guerrilla, ApaNova

Media partners: Zeppelin, VeiozaArte, ArtClue, Modernism, WebCultura, Revista ARTA, Vernisaje

Expanded Space is a public art program which brings the public space to life through temporary interventions that includes a whole range of artistic practices, from sculpture or installation to performance. Grounded in the conviction that art is not only made public by its location, that its public dimension bears social and political connotations and rests on the choice of issues it investigates or debates, the program encourages the development of a new vision of Romanian public art, becoming a platform for critical thinking and dialogue.