An Octopus has eight arms.
Each their own personality.
One for everybody and all for all.
They communicate with each other without referencing the brain.
Quirky moves consisting of multiple authorships.
That’s why people say octopodes can eat themselves.
A body, a field of distensible skin and taste buds.
An Octopus can fill a room.

Participating artists:

Jonas Droste
Kasia Gutzowskowa
Maximilian Hilsamer
Anna Lauenstein
Zoe Ros
Karin Salathé
Vera Seng
Elena Zipser

Jimmy Robert‘s invitation brings the group of young artists to ODD. They were part of his class of Performance and New Media at the University of the Arts Berlin. They will transfer the performative and experimental approaches they developed over a period of two years towards a practice of collective curating: one that is based on the movements of multiple bodies rather than on the centralized figure of the curator.

The group will work with several methods:

1. In order to get to know single works better, they will do a karaoke critique: one person (who is not the author) will present the work after being informed by the author. From there they will discuss the work, followed by extensions, correction,… from the author.

2. Collective performative curating in the space, using methods such as silently moving works and placing them in various positions. What is important is to work and decide collectively and to discover a common interest, common sense and not think primarily about one’s own work. The group will observe the sequences of placing works as well as the movements of their bodies.

3. Some of this elements could then be transferred into the exhibition.

The group are looking forward to connecting and exchanging with students from the local universities of arts, design, architecture, film and so on. Please get in touch if you are interested to take part in the process.

The results of the intervention will remain on display until the end of the month.